One of my biggest goals heading into the new year was to organize my work space and streamline my processes not only so I don’t have to try and keep dozens of to-do lists in my head, but so that I don’t have to waste precious sewing and writing time trying to figure out what I’m… Read More

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Happy 2017!

Happy 2017, friends!  For the past six or seven years, I’ve tried to pick a word or a mantra for the year to try and encompass my goals and keep me focused.  I’ve been floating around a couple of ideas 2017’s mantra for a few months now, and I think I’ve finally landed on …… Read More

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Quilt Con Quilts – Say That 5x’s Fast!

One of my favorite parts of attending QuiltCon last weekend was wandering through the amazing quilt show in between classes and lectures.  Here are a few of my favorites! Berry Tones: Rainbow Hues: Blues & Berries: Gorgeous Blues: So, so pretty, aren’t they?  Hoping to kick the horrendous, never-ending cold I brought home with me and… Read More

On Vacation …

Greetings quilting friends!  The move to our new home is progressing very well … but we’ve unfortunately run into some unexpected repairs.  The downstairs room that will eventually be Casa de CQ headquarters has a little bit of water damage and needs a little TLC before we can open for business.  The good news is… Read More

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Our New Nest

You might have noticed that things have been a little on the quiet side here and that it seems like there isn’t much going on besides video game quilts.  Part of the reason for the radio silence is that the little bit of sewing that I have managed to complete has been on projects slated… Read More

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The Murder Quilt

Last week, at my River City Quilter’s Guild meeting, I had the opportunity hear Peggy Gelbrich’s fabulous talk on The History of Signature Quilts.  It was quite interesting to hear about the various types of signature quilts and it was really fun to not only to see the quilts in Peggy’s collection, but also a number of… Read More

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