Moonlit Paths Mystery QAL – Week 4

Week 4 – SIS aka Square-in-Squares

Welcome back to our  Moonlit Paths Mystery QAL!  From the looks of our Instagram hashtag (#MoonlitPathsQAL) and our Facebook group, lots of you just flew through our Flying Geese-ish blocks from last week – well done!

This week, we are making a classic square-in-square block, along with a partial square-in-square block.  Yes, the second one is bizarre … but we’re not done with yet, so don’t sweat it.


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First, some housekeeping:

We are on the verge of selling out of our Mystery Quilt kits.  One of my very favorite things about working with Benartex fabric is that they happily reprint their fabrics … so we’re not stuck with the panicked thought of never being able to get the prints again.  However … we will not receive the reordered fabric until JULY 2018.  So, if you want the prints AND want to participate, make sure to order yours now.

If you’re on the fence, or want to see what the final project looks like before committing, we will be selling Moonlit Paths kits come July 2018 as a traditional kit, with a traditional, non-mysterious pattern.

Construction Tips:

Our blocks are pretty straight forward this week – If you find that yours aren’t quite coming out at the correct size, then double check your seam allowance and your pressing, to make sure that you’re not losing any “block real estate”.

Also, even though I’ve probably made 10’s of 1000’s of these, I still find that it’s really helpful to make a little finger-pressed mark in the center of each unit, to help me correctly position the triangle on each side.  Happy sewing!!

Share your progress Pics!



About The Mystery Quilt

Welcome to Moonlit Paths – our 2018 Mystery project!  We’ll be sewing together from March 2018 – June 2018, with a new set of directions posted here on our blog every Friday.

Each Friday, we’ll share photos of our blocks plus a downloadable .pdf pattern sheet with the week’s instructions.  You will need a {free} copy of Adobe Reader to open the file.  During the QAL, you can access previous posts from our Quilt Along Home Page, or contact us here to request to receive links to the weekly posts by email.

Is It Too Late to Join?

Absolutely not!  You can catch up at any time, but remember: the free instructions will only be available through June 2018.  After that, a pattern written in the traditional, non-mysterious format will be available for purchase in our pattern shop.

Can I still buy a kit?

Absolutely!  The kits are in stock and shipping out to US and Canada weekly!  You can find them here.

How Can I Share My Progress?
  1. On Instagram: Follow us @CorasQuilts and use #MoonlitPathsQAL and #CorasQuilts to share your photos.
  2. In Our Facebook Community


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