Gathering Mystery QAL – Week 4


Welcome back to our Gathering Mystery QAL! Every Friday for the next eleven weeks, I’ll be posting instructions to make a block or two that will come together into a brand new, never been seen before quilt pattern!

If you’re looking for more information about the QAL or would like a short-cut to the other posts in this series, you can visit our QAL Homepage here.

We have some more building blocks this week, in the form of simple, straight forward square-in-square blocks.



A quick note about this week’s clue:

If your blocks are coming out too small, here’s a few troubleshooting tricks to explore:

  • Is your fabric cut to the right size?
  • Are you sewing with a scant (meaning just under)  ¼” seam?  If so, maybe try and even scant-er seam. 
  • Are you losing any real estate in your seam creases?


I think that about does it for this week’s post – progress photos can be shared over on instagram – make sure you use the hashtag #GatheringQAL and you tag me @CorasQuilts – or in our facebook QAL group.  See you next Friday!