Gathering Mystery QAL – Week 9

Welcome back to our Gathering Mystery QAL! Every Friday I’ll be posting instructions to make a block or two that will come together into a brand new, never been seen before quilt pattern!  If you’re just joining us, there’s still plenty of time

If you’re looking for more information about the QAL or would like a short-cut to the other posts in this series, you can visit our QAL Homepage here.

Just a quick reminder: please don’t post spoiler pics on facebook or instagram, if you happen to guess how the quilt will be coming together ahead of the clues.  Please do continue to share your photos of your weekly assembly – they are so awesome to see!

I got the feeling that you guys weren’t too thrilled with last week’s clue …  Hopefully, this week will give you a much needed reprieve from matching seams.  And best of all – this week is a “pinless” week … those are my favorite!




Not much to share, tip-wise this week.  Block 8B is really the only place where you have to worry about seam alignment.  Make sure that this week’s seam passes a thread or two above the center unit’s tips.

I did want to point out that this week, you’re reaping the benefits of those tricky-ish stitch, trim, and flip units from week 3.  Not only did we save ourselves 80 (168, 288) un-necessary seams that would have been needed with the traditional way of piecing these blocks … but we’ve also saved ourselves from having to pin and hit a whole bunch of seam intersections while stitching this week!

With our QAL method, it’s not a huge deal if our seams are a little bit off either way – we’re still getting a nice, crisp triangle point when we press!  

I think that about does it for this week’s post – progress photos can be shared over on instagram – make sure you use the hashtag #GatheringQAL and you tag me @CorasQuilts – or in our facebook QAL group.  See you next Friday for our next-to-the-last-clue!