Happy 2018!

Happy 2018!  I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season!  Our family enjoyed a bit of time with family and great friends-who-are-practically-family before settling down to spend the first week of the New Year with colds.  While a bit uncomfortable, it made for some wonderful cozy family time in front of the fire, with our favorite books, movies, and games.

Now that my boys are back in school, I’m finally ready to sit down and focus on the year ahead.  Every January, I try to choose a word or phrase to shape, or provide focus for the upcoming year.  Typically, by about November, I have a pretty good idea of the word I’m going to use for the following year … but this year, inspiration did not come as quickly.

After much back and forth, I’ve decided my mantra for 2018 is …

2017 was my best year yet, and so while many of my personal and business goals were realized … I was insanely busy.  I pieced somewhere around 15 quilts, most of which were at least a Queen-size, and wrote  something like 28 new patterns … along with putting together my first fabric collection, attending my first Quilt Market, and developing and filming my first craftsy class.

It was incredibly awesome and soul-feeding … and very, very exhausting. 🙂  This whole mom/wife/business-owner/artist/self-care juggling act is very new to me and to our family … and definitely not for the faint of heart … but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I’ve just discovered through the roller coaster that was last year that I just need to function a little bit smarter!

I’m hoping that by being present and spending more time focusing my entire energy on the task at hand, without guilt or distraction, that my monkey-mind will learn to quiet a bit and I won’t always feel like I’m functioning at 125% capacity all of the time!

I have a feeling that switching to this mindset is going to be a massive challenge!  I am such a multi-tasker, and have the bad habit of trying to do too many things at once … like paint my nails, while answering emails and facebook posts, and browsing instagram and pintrest, while I’m writing blog posts and updating the website, all while I’m supposed to be writing a pattern.

Hopefully, the practice of being present … without guilt or distraction … will help take a bit of the chaos out of the picture and maybe increase true productivity (as opposed to just the appearance of it) just a tiny bit too. 🙂

I may be a few weeks late, but here’s wishing you health and happiness in whatever adventures you follow in 2018.

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