Moonlit Paths Mystery QAL Updates + Color Theory

Happy New Year friends!  I’ve had a bit of time to work on our upcoming Moonlit Paths Mystery QAL over the last few weeks, and I’m excited to have some updates to share with you!

We are still on track to begin our Mystery Project sometime in mid-April and will most likely be following the same schedule of weekly posts available on Fridays around 5:00AM PST.

Update #1 – We are now offering FOUR size options to choose from!

By popular demand (and because I love, love, LOVE this project so much, I want one for my bed!!!), we are adding a fourth, 108″ square KING-SIZE option for this design, to go along with the 44″ Crib/Wall-hanging, 52″ Lap, and 80″ Full size quilts.

If you’ve purchased a kit already, and you’d like to up-size your kit, you can!  Just email me and we’ll get you squared away.

Update #2 – Kits + Bundles are still available!

Last year, we sold out of kits well before our Gathering QAL even started!  This year, we’re using fabric from my very own Gloaming collection, and we do still have kits available in all four sizes.  We are still offering the option to pay in full, or to pay in installments, as follows:

  • King – 108″ x 108″ – $184 or $25 deposit plus 3 x $53.75
  • Full – 80″ x 80″ – $109.25 or $20 deposit plus 3 x $29.75
  • Lap – 52″ x 52″ – $65.25 or $15 deposit plus 3 x $16.75
  • Crib – 44″ x 44″ – $52.25 or $12 deposit plus 3 x $13.25
  • Companion Fat Quarter Bundle – 1 Fat Quarter of each of our 9 prints for $27.50

Purchase Kits Here

A Note Regarding Payment Plans:  Payments are due on 1/1/18, 2/1/18, and 3/1/18 and will be invoiced via paypal.  You may sign up for the payment plan at any time, and will be responsible for all payments due up to that time.  Please contact us with us any questions.

Update #3 – The Fabric Requirements are now available!

This year, I am so excited to be using fabric from my Gloaming fabric collection!  These are some of my very, very favorite colors, they work together so well for our quilt!

Read on for our little color theory chat …

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Moonlit Paths Color Theory

For those of you who are pulling your own fabrics or are just curious about our color choices, here’s a little helpful guide.  At it’s heart, this quilt uses mono-chromatic color palette – in my case, BLUE – with just a little pop of color – GREEN – thrown in.  You’ll need a light, neutral background, and of course a grey print for those mysterious Moonlit Pathways …

  • Print 1 is your inspiration print – it doesn’t have to be large-scale or wild, though.  You’re looking for a print that pulls together all of the other colors/tones used in the rest of the quilt (or as many as you can).  Bonus points if it’s background matches the color you use for Print 9!!!
  • Prints 2 + 3 are your light tones.  If you’re wanting to pull in a secondary color, use it here with these two prints!  Print 2 should be a little bit lighter than Print 3.  If you put both of them next to each other on a wall and stand back 15 feet, you should still easily be able to tell the difference between the two.
  • Print 4 is your medium tone.  It provides a nice balance between all the other tones used in the quilt and you’ll be using it for your borders … unless you’re making the crib size.
  • Prints 5 + 6 are your dark tones.  These two should be the darkest color in the quilt and it’s probably a good idea to use two colors from the same color family.  Like Prints 2 + 3, you should be able to differentiate between the two prints at a glance.  Print 6 will be your binding color, so make sure that you like it next to Print 4!
  • Print 7 is your little pop of color.  Hopefully this color is found somewhere in your Print 1 to nicely tie everything together!
  • Print 8 is your anchor print.  Think low volume, non-directional, almost solid, but totally contrasting with your actual solid, or Print 9.  The more mysterious, shadowy, and “moon-light-y”, the better!
  • Print 9 is your background print.  You know how I love my crisp whit backgrounds, and that’s exactly what this is!  Feel free to substitute a white on white print, or a netural print that is even more low volume than Print 8.

Generally, with Mystery Quilts, I recommend staying away from prints with obvious directions … unless it won’t bother you that your prints might not be going all in the same directions.   If it won’t bother you, then go for it!

You are welcome to share any photos of your fabric schemes or blocks (once we start sewing) in several places:

  • Instagram  – please tag me @CorasQuilts and use the hashtag #MoonlitPathsQAL so that we can find you!
  • Facebook CQ-QAL Groupall are welcome to join – we just ask that you keep all of your posts and pictures related to Cora’s Quilts patterns, fabric, and projects.

That’s all for this time … phew!  Our schedule and my favorite part … the clue titles … will be coming out next month!