Moonlit Paths Mystery QAL- Week 2

Week 2 – 4-Patch

Welcome back to our  Moonlit Paths Mystery QAL!  We’re ready to start putting together some four-patch units – the first of our building blocks.


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A Construction Tip:

You’ll find that with the majority of my patterns, I prefer to press my seams directionally, rather than open, which {most of the time} allows the block-seams to nest up nicely with their neighbors.  You can see this in action with today’s four patch units.  When you go to sew the top and bottom halves together, the seams of the two units just bump up against each other in the center, giving you a crisp, perfect intersection that you were probably able to sew without a pin!

To avoid a bulky center when you go to press your finished block, I highly recommend “spinning” the center seam.  You just pop open the top stitch or two above the seam line and then press the left and right sides of the seam in opposite directions.  Usually you can pop the seams by just giving the block a little twist right before pressing – you shouldn’t have to break out your scissors or seam ripper unless you’re using very, very tiny stitches.

Depending on how you assembled your blocks, the center seam might want to go clockwise or counterclockwise – it doesn’t matter!  And unless you pieced each of your blocks exactly the same, you’ll probably have a mix of both – again, it doesn’t matter.  Just look at each seam and it will let you know which way it wants to be pressed.

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About The Mystery Quilt

Welcome to Moonlit Paths – our 2018 Mystery project!  We’ll be sewing together from March 2018 – June 2018, with a new set of directions posted here on our blog every Friday.

Each Friday, we’ll share photos of our blocks plus a downloadable .pdf pattern sheet with the week’s instructions.  You will need a {free} copy of Adobe Reader to open the file.  During the QAL, you can access previous posts from our Quilt Along Home Page, or contact us here to request to receive links to the weekly posts by email.

Is It Too Late to Join?

Absolutely not!  You can catch up at any time, but remember: the free instructions will only be available through June 2018.  After that, a pattern written in the traditional, non-mysterious format will be available for purchase in our pattern shop.

Can I still buy a kit?

Absolutely!  The kits are in stock and shipping out to US and Canada weekly!  You can find them here.

How Can I Share My Progress?
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