Moonlit Paths Mystery QAL – Week 8

Week 8 – Up & Up

Welcome back to our  Moonlit Paths Mystery QAL!  This week we’re building out more of the building blocks we’ve put together in earlier weeks.  As we get closer to the final clue, if you do start figuring out our layout, PLEASE KEEP YOUR PHOTOS TO YOURSELF … until the clues are officially published! 

You’ll be happy to know that this week, we’re finally getting around to those odd half-finished blocks from week 4!  I received so many emails and facebook messages with concerns about where this block was going.  Hopefully, this has everyone breathing a giant sigh of relief!!

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A little tip for this week’s block: in a perfect world, when trimming these blocks down after the two rectangles have been attached, the 2.25″ mark on your rotary ruler should pass through the both the top and bottom tips of the diamond, while the top and side edges of the ruler should line up with the top side edges of your block.

Happy sewing (and trimming!) and see you next week!

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About The Mystery Quilt

Welcome to Moonlit Paths – our 2018 Mystery project!  We’ll be sewing together from March 2018 – June 2018, with a new set of directions posted here on our blog every Friday.

Each Friday, we’ll share photos of our blocks plus a downloadable .pdf pattern sheet with the week’s instructions.  You will need a {free} copy of Adobe Reader to open the file.  During the QAL, you can access previous posts from our Quilt Along Home Page, or contact us here to request to receive links to the weekly posts by email.

Is It Too Late to Join?

Absolutely not!  You can catch up at any time, but remember: the free instructions will only be available through June 2018.  After that, a pattern written in the traditional, non-mysterious format will be available for purchase in our pattern shop.

Can I still buy a kit?

Absolutely!  The kits are in stock and shipping out to US and Canada weekly!  You can find them here.

How Can I Share My Progress?
  1. On Instagram: Follow us @CorasQuilts and use #MoonlitPathsQAL and #CorasQuilts to share your photos.
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