Flying Geese Quilt Block Tutorial

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The “Four At A Time” Method

  • Pros: Makes 4 blocks at a time with no fabric waste
  • Cons: Can be easy to distort

Materials Needed:

1 – Large Square = finished block width + 1 ¼”

4 – Small Squares = finished block height + ⅞”


1.  Pin two Small Squares right-sides together in opposite corners of the Large Squares, as pictured. They should be slightly overlapping in the center.


2.  With a fabric pencil, draw a line from corner to corner of the Small Squares.


3.   Sew a SCANT ¼” seam on both sides of the drawn line.  This means that your stitches should be just a hair under a ¼” away from the drawn line.  It’s a good idea to do a test block and to measure your seams – you’d be surprised at how much your machine might be off … even if you have a specialty ¼” quilting foot.


4.  Cut the unit in half along the diagonal line.


5.  With the block still closed, press along the seam to set it, then press the fabric towards the smaller squares.

NOTE: It’s really important to PRESS your block, as in lifting your iron up and then putting it down in a new spot.  Ironing your block – moving the iron around with you lifting it up – can stretch and distort your block!


6.  Pin another Small Square right-sides-together to each of the two blocks from step #5 and draw a line corner to corner.


7.  Sew a scant ¼” seam on both sides of the drawn line.


8.  Cut each unit in half along the diagonal line.


9.  Press each block closed to set the seam, and the press the fabric towards the smaller triangle.



The Easy Corner Method

{coming soon}

The Three Triangles Method

{coming soon}

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